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Elecrical Load Demand, World’s dams and Worldwide Earthquakes

Elecrical Load Demand, World’s dams and Worldwide Earthquakes

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3 March 2009

Together with the evidence presented in
the evidence shown here constitutes unequivocal proof that the dams of the world are causing earthquakes worldwide. See Figure DEC65 below:

The deterministic correlations of Electrical Load with Annual added Dam Capacity and Mean Daily Seismic Moment show that electrical load is the persistent cause of worldwide earthquakes apart from rainfall and agricultural drawdown in due seasons as shown conclusively in
It is well known that the electric grid depends heavily upon hydro power for meeting sudden load changes. And earthquakes follow deterministically worldwide. These are due to surge waves of bending moments and forces applied at faults consequent to pressure head changes of 100 km/sec or more at the centres of gravity of water masses behind dams in the various regions of the world with heavy dam capacities.

The above Figure DEC65 has been derived from data from the following sources:
1.USGS earthquake search for significant earthquakes -2150 to 2007
2. Data on Dams of the World, Capacity MM3 and year of commissioning from
Impact of Artificial Reservoir Water Impoundment on Global Sea Level
B. F. Chao,* Y. H. Wu, Y. S. Li
Published 13 March 2008 on Science Express
DOI: 10.1126/science.1154580
3. Data on typical electrical load demand from

Friday, January 2, 2009

The World's dams cause earthquakes worldwide

Eleven haikus-1882008
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The world's dams cause quakes
Rains cause them in due seasons
PAI in dry seasons

High surges of heads
At centers of gravity
Fault sides rub, rocks melt

Sudden slips and huge shakes
Gobbling communities whole

Heat, hurricanes,floods
Landslides, embankment breaches
Kosi C to \

The quakes made KOCI
Jump the C and spring down \
Floods six score kims east

Force Kosi to gravitate
Wound back to KOCI

Herstory repeats
They dont know that they dont know
So sleepers wake up!

He who knows not and
Knows not that he knows not is
A fool, please shun him

He who knows not and
Knows that he knows not is a
Child-please do teach him

He who knows and knows
Not that he knows, is asleep
Please do wake him up

He who knows and knows
That he knows, is a wise man
Please do follow him.

The Kosi: suggestions for a solution to the problem:Harmony with nature ensures true development. The tree(arboreal!) is an infinitely superior version of the dam! Modern Civilisation's greed is the cause of population(human) explosion. See
One must stop destructive development which is the order of the day. No one has the right to destroy trees, forests even for a good reason. To suggest that one is going back instead of progressing because of the tree grow advice is deep ignorance about fundamental physiological properties of the tree which are infinitely superior to the manmadedam helpless against gravity.There is a proverb which is oft quoted in connection assertions of specialists that this or that is the way. Or that this or that is sensational. Its like seeing only the tail of the elephant and coming to a cocksure conclusion, that the dam as conceived by the usual engineering specialist is the solution, small or large. The citizen faced with such a situation finds himself between the devil-the dam and the deep blue sea- the tsunami bringer. So the citizen independently asseses the situation by building up knowledge, also by own research. Thus the set of haikus above was composed.
below for an analysis of the Kosi disaster of August 2008 and solution to the problem via worldwide reforestation.